Manresa Castle (1st Stay)

My first arrival at the Castle was a total fluke. I was in Port Townsend exploring and was looking for a place to stay. After driving around and searching on my phone for local hotels and Inn’s there was little to come by. Then I saw Manresa… Just by looking at the building something said- this is the one. I had no idea it had the history and energy attached to it that it does until I stepped out of the car and made my way up the steps. I could feel it instantly, both good and bad as I walked up those concrete steps and entered the Castle. It was like fate was right there beside me, as I was handed a key to one of the 3 “haunted” rooms, room #306. I had a feeling when asked about the Wi-Fi password for the hotel, with the response that “those rooms don’t have any connection. If you would like to use the Wi-Fi please feel free to use the Library or the bar and lounge..

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Welcome to!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my website! Although, still under construction I will start off with an introduction, then some content from the past to get you excited for the future!

hello world, this is me!

I am a 39-year-old resident of the Pacific Northwest, who was born with many gifts.  From my earlier days growing up as a small “nerdy” child born long after her time, I spent my days with my nose in books and my mind in the clouds. Being sequestered on a small secluded peninsula at the age of around 3, the paranormal world found me.

I knew then my destiny was to bring love, peace, and happiness to all willing to receive it, I just wasn’t sure how.  It took many years, many trials, and tribulations to understand that I was indeed put here for a reason.

When I was born I was told I would live no longer than 25 at the most. Being born with a rare Congenital Heart Defect, the future was unpredictable and had a grey cloud that hung around me. For years I let it do this, take me down time after time. Throwing boulders in the way of my path, setting fire to try to trap me in.. but I never gave up.

I was born amongst a line of gifted women, from my Mother to Nana, and so on through the generations..not only my name is a gift from these ancestors, but also my power.

I have lived a long life in my short time at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and today I can honestly feel despite my shortcomings, I am destined for greater things.  This may sound like God talking through me, it may sound insane, but I know without a doubt that I am walking, and talking, and breathing with a PURPOSE.  It is no mistake I awoke from the first time my heart physically stopped beating, to the second, and to the now.

With humility, confidence, and pure will I will keep seeking my purpose, and invite you all along for the ride…




Missing photos from Live interview with Insane Asylum of manifestation in the room the bone was found in.

Tonight’s Live interview with Insane Asylum, Utterly Insane Productions:

We went over a variety of topics, mostly going over some of my past experiences which are mostly already written about here on this blog. However, if you are part of the PARAflixx and watched the after-air content we were trying to upload these images that apparently did not want to be seen… either that or it was just plain internet interference. Here on the island either explanation could be true. Continue reading Missing photos from Live interview with Insane Asylum of manifestation in the room the bone was found in.

A Poem

Projecting light while darkness is looming.. All snuggled up tight but the energy is booming.
Rain pounding down on metal roof and windows. Thunder and lightening in the distance, closer it grows.
Listening as the ravine rage with the rains heavy fall,
Feeling the rush of the water encompassing it all.
Then the darkness fills with light, like someone flipping a switch. Filling every corner, every crack, every inch.
Then you see what looks like the shape of a man, no details, just darkness that’s come with a plan.
All you can see is its fingers, so long, and so thin.. You see sharp pointed nails..and feel the fear build within. Wide and extended like the hands now before you.. Streched out as they wish to both kill and adore you.
Then another, and another and another one come.. Standing silent, just watching as your body grows numb.
Unable to move, and to yell and to scream, you feel helpless and caught in the most awful of dreams.
Now your surrounded as darkness envelopes your sight, and only the cracks of the lightening bring any light.
You catch glimpses of them on the ceiling and walls, then one makes its way to the foot of your bed and begins its crawl.
Your body begins to tighten by the ever growing weight, and as the pressure grows worse you contemplate your fate.
This has happened before you think, you know it will end..Then the being continues it’s ascend.
Slowly up to your face till you can smell its foul breath, All at once sulfur, must, mold and death.
Then like an slow, rusty opening door, yellow eyes stare deep looking for weakness to explore.
I keep telling myself, this isn’t real this isn’t true.. then in my mind through deep hearty laughter I hear it say
“I’ve got you”

It’s been confirmed, occult members once lived here.

After the discovery of the bone, the activity has ramped up like crazy.

Then, about two weeks ago, we needed to have some work done on the foundation in that huge, dirt-floored crawlspace room. With the freshwater ravine running along and under the house we get a lot of moisture and groundwater that flows towards the house as they built it on the lower part of the property, not a higher area like usual. Continue reading It’s been confirmed, occult members once lived here.

You never know you will find in your Haunted House’s basement.. (Check this out!)

Back about a month ago, I was clearing out the unusually large, and strangely constructed crawlspace room, as it was left full of old junk from previous tenants.
Afterward, I had a very strong feeling that a female was trying to connect with me to give me a message. After communicating with her, I was given the words “crawl” and “dig”. My mind went directly to that room as I was just down there, so that’s what I did, I went back down and dug. Continue reading You never know you will find in your Haunted House’s basement.. (Check this out!)

Happy New Moon!

Happy New Moon! 🌚
It is the time to create your visions, setting new intentions and goals.
It is the time of a new cycle while bringing focus and awareness on positive loving thoughts and intentions.
This New Moon brings us the power of transformation. It shows us some of our darkest places, and then shows us how to bring them to the light.

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The more you know, the more questions there are..

After some of the most recent events, my Mum has finally started to take me seriously.
I asked her to read my blog so she could know where I was coming from and start to see things from my perspective. In fact, she reacted much more intensely than I expected, as I know she is a skeptic (or was anyway). Continue reading The more you know, the more questions there are..

My first Sleep Paralysis Experience

I have now had a very extreme Sleep Paralysis experience, two in fact but the first one was the one that really got to me. I am sure as this was new to me, and with the activity in the house, it didn’t surprise me one bit.
Despite all I have endured in the past, I have never had this kind of intense fear and loss of control than I did during this first episode.
Of course, after it happened I knew what it was, so I started to research more and more about it and realized how similar most people’s experience can be. Continue reading My first Sleep Paralysis Experience

I have always searched for answers, now I have been left… marked.

Last night things in the new house took a turn for the worse.
As usual, I was alone upstairs in the loft when turning in for bed, I was saying some prayers including those for protection, and keeping any spirits with I’ll intent away from the house.
As I was doing so, my neck started to burn… I mean really burn. Like someone had stuck a hot poker into it. Continue reading I have always searched for answers, now I have been left… marked.

Manipulating Electronics

As the activity in the house and the surrounding area seems to be increasing. I started noticing it last night as my echo dot would randomly turn on and off, and sometimes even say things out of the blue without being prompted. It’s just my dog and I, so I certainly wasn’t talking to wake it up. I so wish I had got it on camera, because when it said ” there’s more than life than what we see” I was literally stunned. Continue reading Manipulating Electronics

Be careful what you wish for….

Well, the reason I haven’t made a post in a while is that I moved out to Camano Island and didn’t have internet for some time, and the usage we do get is limited. however, it now turns out that to seek out spirits and be surrounded by unexplained happenings, I no longer even need to leave the house. The house we moved into was definitely not unoccupied, you could feel it from the start. Continue reading Be careful what you wish for….


There is a lot of information out there about synchronicity, and it’s meanings.. but can it all just be a coincidence? Personally, I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe everything happens for a reason, and how you deal with things depends on the outcome. Like those choose your own adventure books I used to read back in Middle School.
However, I seem to notice these types of synchronic effects, usually in numbers but also in the feeling most call “Déjà vu.” A LOT. I mean, at least 6 times a day, sometimes more. Usually with the clocks, whether it’s 11:11 or 2:22 or 4:44 … I always seem to glance a the clock to see all numbers in sync.

So what does this mean? What are your thoughts on synchronicity?

“Synchronicity can also show us how there is a connection between the ‘inner world’ and the ‘outer world’. They are not separate realities but one in the same, and consciousness itself is the bridge between these two dimensions. The external and physical world that we observe and experience as ‘reality’, is the mirror reflection of the internal or non-physical world. Synchronicity gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of our own mind and how it relates to the very fabric of nature and reality itself. Many people who constantly seem to notice 11:11 and other repeating number sequences appearing over and over again when they least expect it, often consider the experience to be more than chance or coincidence. This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity.”

Source: Dimension 11:11

Room 501

One of my most profound experience to date, if I had to pick one would be an apartment I lived in briefly in Bellingham, WA.
It was in the spring of 2013 and I had just moved out of a place with a friend into a low-income housing building located in the original downtown area called the Mount Baker Apartments that was built in 1929. My room was located on the 5th floor in room 501.
I felt I needed my own space. Growing up an only child, I was used to being alone. Yet I felt the moment I walked in that something was not right. But I was determined to cleanse the energy and make my own comfy abode with my cat, Nico. Not only was the room cleaned by myself, but others. One native, a Reiki “master” and an acquaintance who was into Wicca.
Still, however, things never seemed right. I would hear noises in a small room, only to be the only one there, I also heard what seemed to whisper coming from my closet, I would have horrible nightmares, and constantly feel like whenever I was alone, I was not really alone.
My cat, Nico would constantly be looking at things in the air that I could not see and went from a social and fun cat to hiding under the futon couch or in the bathroom. She wouldn’t go near the closet.
It was an old building that had an elevator that would constantly lose power and the lights would go off. I will never forget the first time I felt threatened was when I woke up on my 3rd night there in the middle of the night to the faucets in my kitchen and bathroom opened full blast spraying water everywhere. I had no explanation and it didn’t stop there.
One particularly muggy and warm night there were several of us sitting in the room watching a movie. We had all the old heavy wooden windows open with props as they tended to not like to stay up. Two had large books, one a wooden block, and the other an empty Absolute Vodka bottle to keep them up. All of a sudden all at once All 4 windows slammed down, shattering two of them and knocking the props holding them up 5 stories down into the alleyway.
Then, one night, I had a friend over for the night and early morning another friend stopped by with coffee to visit. We were up late talking about spirits, my current as well as past encounters, and hers as well.
In this building I had to physically go downstairs and open the door for people when they came over, I couldn’t just buzz them in I had to go downstairs and let them in after they buzzed the phone. Within seconds I heard a bloodcurdling scream (and I lived on the 5th floor) and her running down the stairs. She entered the lobby shaking, trembling, and looked extremely unnerved. We all went back upstairs to show us what she saw.
The closet doors were double doors, each door twice as wide as a normal door, and made of extremely heavy wood. She said she was sitting in the bed watching a movie waiting for me to bring him back up and the closet door opened full wide and slammed 3 times. It caused her to spring out of bed and down to us, white as a sheet and still in her pj’s
At this point, I knew I had to get out of there.
After speaking with another tenant, I found out that the previous tenant had hung himself in the closet not only a month before I moved it.
It was lucky timing that shortly after I met someone and we moved in together. Unfortunately, my cat Nico never did get through it. The energy in that room changed her, and when we moved she became something out of Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery. She would hide up in the rafters and dive-bomb you. She would hiss and scratch, and even after another move, she got worse and eventually needed to be put down.

The House on the Reservation

When I was 19, a friend and I moved into an apartment together. Along with our partner in crime, we were like the three musketeers. We did everything together. There was never any bad energy in our place, and we never had a problem at all, that was until we learned about “the house”

It was the Christmas Season and I was with my Mum at a friend’s having Christmas Breakfast. There were a lot of kids there around the ages of 13-16 and I overheard them talking about this house that was out on the reservation. I immediately interjected into the conversation with my interest in haunted locations and got some pretty amazing first-hand stories and claims from these individuals.
There were reports of ghost hitchhikers, (which was our first encounter) lights seen in the attic in a house that had been abandoned for decades and was nearly falling apart. Others had seen lights on the lower floor and when they went in they would hear footsteps upstairs, and when upstairs hear footsteps downstairs. Also, there was this phenomenon that would cause people to drive by to have their cars to lose power. Static on the radio, dead radios, headlights that wouldn’t work, and full-on vehicle power loss.
I was instantly intrigued and asked for directions and a map to this house. One thing that really piqued my interest was that there were two horse skulls on each side of the house, on the gate in front of the driveway that eye’s glowed red. It was a super creepy site of those horse skulls red eyes staring you down almost as to warn you. Don’t go in here!! But what did I do? Of course, I did.
It became an obsession for the three of us after our first visit there. We became drawn to the house and found ourselves heading out just to see it, feel its energy… and eventually, go inside. Our countless trips there all resulted in strange phenomena. Our radio in the truck would go out, we would hear static sometimes and others lost power completely. And saw lights both in the upper and lower floor.
Everything became about the house. Whether we were talking about it, researching it, or planning trips out there. We tried to learn as much about the house as possible, and after going to the local historical society and library (this was back when the internet was not widespread and investigation was all done the old fashioned way. In my opinion the best way) but because it was tribal land we were lucky with any information.
Yet, the story went (it was a known island story that’s one the thing we did discover) that back in the 1930’s a man a woman-owned a farmhouse and owned a small business growing grain. The husband was away on business and two men broke into the house, raped the woman and literally hacked her to bits. Now again, this was only the story…. Which I cannot say is really true, the effect the house had on us and the feelings we got when we finally went in however, they were very real.
A few weeks leading up to finally going inside, we all started having horrible nightmares. Often they would be so vivid it would wake us with sweats, tears, and terrified. We were trapped in the house and couldn’t get out. My roommate had such a vivid nightmare about being trapped in the house and she could hear her Mom outside trying to save us. All the windows were bordered up and as she would pull them loose, they would fly back and attach themselves. There seemed to be no way out.. I woke to her jumping in my bed with me shaking and crying. I had a different story.. We were in the house and it was as it was back in the day. I could see all the furnishings and pictures on the wall, an orange 60’s looking chair, and a sofa on a big round rug and a small kitchen. I was standing in the kitchen looking into the main room, the lady was sitting in the chair watching her programs when two men break into the house. There is a struggle and I witness before me the unspeakable horror of watching the massacre that had had this strange, but strong hold on us all.
This only made us more interested. Why the dreams, why the draw to the house… can we help this lady? is she trapped there and that’s why car’s stall in front of the house, and is she the source of the light people see on both the upper and lower floor? We wanted to know more, so it was time to go in.
Several of our friends were now also interested as they saw our obsession with this “haunted house” grow and grow… they wanted to come. Two of them did, so it was the 5 of us. We went out during the day because the house was so run down and dilapidated, parts of it looked like it could fall apart with a touch. We parked our cars and got out to approach the fence. I got a better look at the horse skulls that have haunted us for weeks up close and they were indeed real. Someone had put reflectors in them, that’s why they were glowing red at night.
Suddenly a gust a wind so strong it actually knocked one of the guy’s hats off his head blew around the house while the tall grass all around us stand still, completely still. We all looked at each other saying without words, “it’s now or never” We entered the house through the side porch to the kitchen as the main one was almost caved in and the upper eves were drooping down in front. It looked very unsafe.
Once we entered the back door we were in the kitchen. It looked like someone had just got up and left. There were plates of molded food on the table, a kettle on the stove and other things that had not been picked through by squatters. It was eerie.. And then I saw the living room. I had a strange kind of flash back to my dream as I saw a sofa pushed back and on its side in the back, a big round rug rumpled in the corner to expose a deep dark stain on the floor which was obviously old blood which also was on the walls and even the ceiling. Then, there it was, the orange 60’s style chair just like in my dream.
We explored the rest of the lower level and upon some of our findings were old farm equipment and rusted tools hanging on the walls propped up with nails. Everything from what looked like an old bear trap, a set of chains, and other stuff that looked like old-time farm tools. We also found a dead cat and a whole bunch of invoices for their company strewn about the house and up some stairs. We went up the stairs, worried they could fall beneath us. So we all together went carefully up to find just a small room with another door. This was obviously the door to the attic where often lights are seen from the road. One of our friends was quite built, and strong and he pulled as hard as he could, nothing we could do would make the door budge. Just then we heard some movement…. Downstairs. We were all accounted for upstairs. As we decided to give up and go back down as we descended the stairs and door with the stairs to the attic slowly just opened on its own. At this point we felt like it was time to leave
But all I could do was think of going back and going in that attic.
We felt like we needed to do something to help this woman that we had come to believe was trapped in that house. Through our dreams, our obsession, and the energy that house and it’s effects it had not only on us, but those around us made us feel like there was more to it. We had to do something. So, being the young, and ignorant to the power of the paranormal we used a Ouija Board to contact here and got a response asking for help. We asked how we could help, but couldn’t decipher what the spirit needed. It seems that we had done what it needed because our next and last trip to the house all seemed normal. No electrical problems, no wind, no evil feeling. We drove home in silence and its hold seemed to let go.
Not long after the house was torn down and the land lays there still, unsold, and unvisited.
Or so they think.

Introduction to my Paranormal life

My paranormal experiences started when I was a young child. I grew up in Point Robert’s Washington. It is a small 5.4 square mile peninsula right on the 49th parallel. It also is in a cluster of ley lines that intersect right on the area. If you look at the map of Washington you will see a small bit of land over the line, that is Point Robert’s.
A great deal of the land is ancient burial ground, as it was once occupied by the native American tribe of Tsawwassen, as proven through historical evidence and information.

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