A Poem

Projecting light while darkness is looming.. All snuggled up tight but the energy is booming.
Rain pounding down on metal roof and windows. Thunder and lightening in the distance, closer it grows.
Listening as the ravine rage with the rains heavy fall,
Feeling the rush of the water encompassing it all.
Then the darkness fills with light, like someone flipping a switch. Filling every corner, every crack, every inch.
Then you see what looks like the shape of a man, no details, just darkness that’s come with a plan.
All you can see is its fingers, so long, and so thin.. You see sharp pointed nails..and feel the fear build within. Wide and extended like the hands now before you.. Streched out as they wish to both kill and adore you.
Then another, and another and another one come.. Standing silent, just watching as your body grows numb.
Unable to move, and to yell and to scream, you feel helpless and caught in the most awful of dreams.
Now your surrounded as darkness envelopes your sight, and only the cracks of the lightening bring any light.
You catch glimpses of them on the ceiling and walls, then one makes its way to the foot of your bed and begins its crawl.
Your body begins to tighten by the ever growing weight, and as the pressure grows worse you contemplate your fate.
This has happened before you think, you know it will end..Then the being continues it’s ascend.
Slowly up to your face till you can smell its foul breath, All at once sulfur, must, mold and death.
Then like an slow, rusty opening door, yellow eyes stare deep looking for weakness to explore.
I keep telling myself, this isn’t real this isn’t true.. then in my mind through deep hearty laughter I hear it say
“I’ve got you”

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