Manipulating Electronics

As the activity in the house and the surrounding area seems to be increasing. I started noticing it last night as my echo dot would randomly turn on and off, and sometimes even say things out of the blue without being prompted. It’s just my dog and I, so I certainly wasn’t talking to wake it up. I so wish I had got it on camera, because when it said ” there’s more than life than what we see” I was literally stunned.
Then, as I was going through some of my photos in my phone to arrange into folders, and prepare to post a set I had taken on IG, I noticed that after going through a fair amount, I noticed there was a series of photos I had taken of the house and grounds the day before that all looked normal in my first go through, then when I chose which I wanted to post and went back through them I found a photo that seemed to change completely. This is totally unedited, and no filter was used.
Manipulating Electronics

I also noticed when going through them the second time that several of the photos taken were all black. No photo at all, but the details of the file showed content – yet the images are gone.
Also, we normally have poor reception from time to time. However, yesterday when I was on a long phone call with someone I had not talked to in a while and was giving her updates on my life and the new house I am living in the line started cutting out. Not until I began talking about my research and some of the occurrences that it then began to get so garbled and noisy we had to end our conversation. I tried to call back and got a “this phone is not in service” message… although it clearly was as I was just talking to someone on it.

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