My first Sleep Paralysis Experience

I have now had a very extreme Sleep Paralysis experience, two in fact but the first one was the one that really got to me. I am sure as this was new to me, and with the activity in the house, it didn’t surprise me one bit.
Despite all I have endured in the past, I have never had this kind of intense fear and loss of control than I did during this first episode.
Of course, after it happened I knew what it was, so I started to research more and more about it and realized how similar most people’s experience can be.

Here is my mine:
I was getting ready for bed, and had just done some nighttime meditation and was feeling that I was starting to drift off to sleep. It seemed like only moments later, but I awoke with an overwhelming feeling of fear and presence in the room. I could not move my body, but I could see. I started to see a dark apparition near the right side of the bed till it was only a black silhouette of a man, about 7 feet tall with no facial or body features except glowing yellow eyes and a white slit-like grin that would show from time to time. I was frozen in fear as I watched this “shadow figure” walk slowly to the end of the bed and begin to crawl up on top of me until I couldn’t breathe and see nothing but this absolute darkness with eyes piercing into my soul only inches away from my face.
I tried to scream, I tried to run, but my body would not move and all I could do was lay there in a sheer state of panic looking into the eyes of evil itself.

I will never forget this experience, and unfortunately, it has not been the only one.
I know that 30% of people experience Sleep Paralysis in their lifetime, and a smaller number do regularly.
The second time was pretty much the same, but instead of one shadow figure, they were in mass numbers. I saw them on the ground, the wall, the ceiling. The same feeling of suffocation and fear.

Nothing is more terrifying than feeling so helpless in a situation so dark.

Below I was able to just google Sleep Paralysis and I came across these photos. It’s hauntingly similar to my experience so I thought I would include them, as another example of how many experiences are so similar.

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