Manresa Castle (1st Stay)

My first arrival at the Castle was a total fluke. I was in Port Townsend exploring and was looking for a place to stay. After driving around and searching on my phone for local hotels and Inn’s there was little to come by. Then I saw Manresa… Just by looking at the building something said- this is the one. I had no idea it had the history and energy attached to it that it does until I stepped out of the car and made my way up the steps. I could feel it instantly, both good and bad as I walked up those concrete steps and entered the Castle. It was like fate was right there beside me, as I was handed a key to one of the 3 “haunted” rooms, room #306. I had a feeling when asked about the Wi-Fi password for the hotel, with the response that “those rooms don’t have any connection. If you would like to use the Wi-Fi please feel free to use the Library or the bar and lounge..

Hmm, ok, so now I have some research to do.

Upon entering the room it was exactly how I expected, a classic Victorian feel with the necessary modern upgrades such as a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi that which stated upon arrival that did not work. It indeed did not work in our room. We tried everything from boosters to HotSpots but could not get any signal, and the TV when turned on would turn off after only moments of hoarding its power. Also the main light in the room, a beautiful mini chandler would turn on and off at will.

The Paranormal Enthusiast in me got beyond excited as I unpacked my bag of equipment I had just in case of such an occurrence. Now mind you this was a good 7 years ago, so I did not yet have a full spectrum camera or a Spirit box, but I did have an old school Sony IR Camera, and a digital recorder so I went with what I had and got to work. I did the necessary research on the castle, the owners, some very interesting unknowns, but also your normal handful of associated “urban legends”

I spent hours online in the lobby library, which had a very homey and comfortable feel. Looking through articles and book notations, learning of the legend and lore of the Castle. The original owners, Charles and Elizabeth, and Kate Eisenbeis, and the history that followed. It was gripping! I couldn’t believe that I was by chance given the room where a woman jumped to her death after her lover at Sea did not return, Also, right next to as many as “the hallway” between two other well-known hot spot rooms. Anna’s room which was right below me, and the Monk’s room with the staircase up to the attic right next to me, with the staircase leading upright above.

Along with the tales of the Castle was many a reference to a journal or book that was kept in the bedside of room #306, the very room I had rented for the night. I read for hours about the business and rise and fall of the great castle, from the Eisenbeis family to a school run by nuns and then the Jesuate monks that used it as their monastery in 1925. Yet in that timeline lies an interesting and unusual occurrence. In 1902 the tomb that contained both the glass coffin of Elizabeth and that of Charles Eisenbeis was caved in revealing the corpse of an “unnamed child” upon Charles Casket, the small skull of a child resting on top of the plot.

After reading for what seemed hours about the Eisenbeis family, the different uses for the castle over the years, I decided that I must stay another night and focus on making any contact or capturing any evidence with what little equipment I had with me. You know what they say, the best paranormal equipment is yourself!

Getting another night in room #306 made me giddy and I felt like a kid in a candy store. When speaking with the front desk lady I asked if it were at all possible if I took a look at the “book” she looked at me and smiled. Reaching under the desk in a drawer she pulled out the very journal I had read so much about. She said to feel free to add my own story to it and believe me. I planned on it. After spending hours in the beautiful library/reading room reading stories from people all over not only the state but the world, I handed back the journal and head up to prepare for my second night.

While taking my time going down every hallway, every staircase I remember coming around the corner and feeling a cold draft envelope my thigh and hip area, I felt a tug on my pants near the pocket like a child would when trying to take candy from you. I felt a very youthful energy as my hair flew from my face in the draftless hallway of this beautiful castle. I was so excited I bolted back to my room to grab my digital recorder and camera, but I knew not to bother.. I had my “experience” with her and I would have to seek out my next one.

I came back into the room, charged with adrenaline. I set up my cameras and waited patiently in the room, no more lights going on and off but I did hear a distinct sound of someone walking above the room beside me. I learned this was the Monk’s room. A Jesuit Monk was said to have lost his faith and had taken his life in the attic above the room, in the Tower of the castle. This was the room adjacent to mine. (I just kept thinking I need to book that room next!)

The pacing back and forth above subsided after what seemed an hour or so, then I decided to go downstairs into the breakfast room for some more hot water for Tea. When I was downstairs I saw nothing more than I can explain as the most stereotypical version of a ghost I have ever seen. I saw a woman, long dark hair, white dress looking not lost, maybe in thought but not purpose. She moved about so gracefully, yet her energy felt heavy to me. I felt pain, loss, and sorrow. I knew this was the woman whose room I was sharing for the weekend. There was no question in my mind, it was her. Plain and simple. I saw flashes of looking out a window, the feeling of longing and hope. Getting the news that my love died at sea, and then nothing but pain. The kind of gut-wrenching pain that knots your stomach up and leaves you feeling nauseous and drained.

The rest of the last night of my stay was mostly tiptoeing around the floors mid-night, or doing research in the downstairs library (since I couldn’t get wi-fi in my room) about the haunted castle I was staying in. I loved it! I very much enjoy history and research, and to stay in historic buildings with so much history just makes me light up with joy! no matter how dark the history may be.

My second night was much more eventful after a long daytime nap, and a late lunch in the garden overlooking the tower, which I already knew was the next room I wanted to stay in. I was entranced! I loved my long night of cuddling up on the couch in the library, reading “the book” that was kindly loaned to me on my two-night stay.

That night while lying in this gigantic California King Size Bed reading up on the Eisenbeis Family, the castle the gravesite. I knew where I was headed after checkout in the morning! I couldn’t wait to see this tomb, and feel..sense of the history that it held, with all its mysteries. I did some EVP sessions but with the traffic, nothing was viable as there was too much noise pollution it contaminated any evidence I might have got. I thought, next visit, come at night! I

By the end of my first two-night stay, I had read every story of every person that wrote in that journal, their experiences at the castle intrigued me, and let me wanting more. Once finished I added my own experiences and handed it back to the Front desk manager, who had been very kind in giving me the opportunity to see something that “no longer exists”

I remember the following morning, as I drank my tea in the dining room that I did not want to leave, but I knew my time there had only just begun.

Boy was I right.


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