Happy New Moon!

Happy New Moon! 🌚
It is the time to create your visions, setting new intentions and goals.
It is the time of a new cycle while bringing focus and awareness on positive loving thoughts and intentions.
This New Moon brings us the power of transformation. It shows us some of our darkest places, and then shows us how to bring them to the light.

Everything feels larger than life right now, including your hope and fears. It can be overwhelming to your senses. Spend your time through this transition to ground yourself and your energy through meditation. We are going through a intense energetic shift, and Scorpio only heightens the already existing energies.
As you journey through this New Moon, allow what is hiding under the surface to come out to be seen.
Face your fears, but also see and trust your power to overcome them. See the future you want to create.
It starts with exploring our deepest layers, and understanding the foundation of our being.
Feel into what needs transformation in your energy and know that change can be uncomfortable, but that discomfort  leads to growth.
Embrace the energy!

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